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Viber unlimited credits apk app

Viber Unlimited Credits Apk

Viber unlimited credits apk is a service available for iOS, Android and Window Phone for smartphones and for PC, Windows and Mac for other devices, for which you download as a traditional application.

This is a very convenient way to make phone calls when you are abroad and to reduce the costs of telephony also to make regular calls to mobile phones and landlines. Just a few moves and the service is available on phone or PC, you can delete it when you want and download it again in case of new need.

Today there are various ways to send messages and make free calls simply using the internet connection. Among the various ways to send messages, make and receive calls for free there is also Viber, an easy to use service that allows significant savings in economic terms.

Installing Viber unlimited credits apk you can talk for free with your friends, start video calls and send messages, via the Internet and without any limitation, provided you can always count on a connection, which also depends on the quality of calls and video calls that start.

The first step is to download Viber, just as if it were a normal application. Then, you will need to proceed with registration, which consists of verifying your phone number.

Viber Unlimited Credits Apk

At this point you can start using without any limit and cost; you will only pay for calls made to traditional numbers without using Viber. You can use the application using the Wi-Fi or 3G connection, with good call quality in both cases. So let’s see how to do it.

So let’s recap what are the steps to properly use viber unlimited credits apk . First you need to access the Apple Store or Google Play, search for the Viber application and download it. The application is free and therefore you will not see any cost to use.

When you have completed the installation and verified your phone number, as we explained above, click on the “continue” button and start using the application. You will have to wait for the verification code to be sent, type it in the appropriate field that will appear on the screen and click on “Enter” to authenticate the account and start using the application.

To start calls, you need to go to the “contacts” section, click on the little man’s icon and select the Viber tab to see which contacts are registered to the service. Otherwise, by making a call, you will have to pay normally according to your rate plan.

Contacts that are not registered for Viber can be called for a fee, through the Viber Out service at a cost of 8.5 cents / min for calls to mobile numbers and 2 cents / min for calls to fixed users.

As for normal and free calls, just click on the “free call” button to start the conversation. Just like traditional calls, you can start the speakerphone by clicking the speaker button and turn a call into a video call by clicking on the “video” button.


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