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Through Viber sticker mod now it is easier to find the packs of stickers that have just been downloaded; just slide your finger and you will reach them directly on the sticker menu. Viber is the popular second messaging platform currently only at WhatsApp, is updated to version 5.2 on iOS and Android with an important new feature and other minor changes. Viber’s new feature allows users to connect to friends interactively by inviting anyone from the personal list to gaming sessions.  As for the improvements in general stickers makes it much easier to find the contents.

How Viber sticker mod Works

The Viber app is very practical and allows you to send messages and make free calls using your internet connection.It is An easy-to-use service that allows significant savings, without the need to activate free calls/messages promotions.

The Functions of the chat is very similar to WhatsApp and other messaging applications that use the internet connection. It is also a very convenient way to make calls outside, reducing the costs of telephony also to make regular calls to mobile phones and landlines.It is currently available for iOS , Android and Windows Phone operating systems ( as for smartphones ), and Windows and Mac ( for PC ).

Viber Sticker Mod

Once the app is downloaded, you need to create your personal account. In fact, the application automatically examines the contents of the address book and shows which friends are already using the service. To start a new conversation, you need to move to the Chat tab, and click on the + button located at the bottom right, select the name of the person to contact.

As for the insertion of new contacts, click on the icon at the top left of the app, by selecting the entry Add contact from the sidebar.

Viber Sticker Mod Functions

  • Start a call;
  • Contact block and notifications;
  • Group Chat creation;

You can start a free call via Viber by clicking on the handset icon located at the top right of the chat screen. As for the video call, instead, click on the handset icon and then on the Video button.

To insert the block of a particular contact along with its message notifications, you must open the conversation and swipe from right to left, going to select the appropriate options that appear in the right sidebar.

Creating a Group Chat is a fairly simple operation: go to the Viber Chat tab by clicking the virtual + button located at the bottom right, going to select the New Group item from the menu.



Calls to the classic telephone lines are active using the Viber Out service that works via a rechargeable credit. To purchase credit for your account, click on the icon located at the top left and select the item Viber Out from the menu. Then go to the Buy Credit button and select the amount to top up.

Once purchased the credit, we move to the Viber Calls tab, and going to the numeric keypad icon you will enter the number from calls by pressing the Viber Out Call button.


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