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Viber stickers are great way to communicate your emotions. The viber is a messenger that has a sticker store for free downloads. To learn how to download Viber sticker hack apk Follow these steps/

Step 1. Access the “More” page in the application. Then touch “Sticker Shop”

Step 2. Go to “Free” and choose a free sticker from the list. Once this is done, tap “Free Download” to download it.

Now you have Stickers preview: stickers with long touch where you can preview them before sending them;


Why Do You Need To Have Viber sticker Hack apk

Viber is a well-known application for smartphones, tablets and PC that allows you to communicate with your friends easily and immediately. We can imagine it as a hybrid between Skype and WhatsApp that allows you to chat, make calls and free video calls to other users of the service and make international calls to standard telephone lines at very affordable prices.

It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows Phone, BlackBerry and Symbian in the mobile environment and with Windows, Mac and Linux in the desktop: in a nutshell it is compatible with almost all the devices and operating systems currently available on the market. Other points in favor of Viber can be found in public chats, through which users can follow the news related to various topics and the activities of some famous people (a bit ‘as happens in the Telegram channels), in the support of stickers, in the availability of games in which to challenge other users of the service and the ability to share freehand drawings and short audio messages in the chat rooms.

Viber sticker Hack Apk

How to Hack the stickers on Viber?

To create an account on Viber just download the application on your smartphone and validate your phone number (which is then used as an identifier, also to find contacts who are already subscribed to the service).

The first step you need to take, therefore, is to open the store of your smartphone (eg Google Play Store on Android or App Store on iPhone), search for Viber inside and start downloading the application by pressing the appropriate button.

When installation is complete, start Viber and follow the initial setup procedure of the app. During the procedure you must type in your mobile number (including the country code, which for Italy is +39 ), press Continue and OK and wait for the verification of the number. If the verification does not take place automatically, type in the confirmation code that you received via SMS in Viver and tap on the Enter Viber button .

Next, choose the name and photo you want to view in Viber and press the Continue button to complete the initial service setup process. To do before, you can also press the Facebook button and import name and photo from your profile on the social network.

To start a free call via Viber, presses the handset icon located at the top right of the chat screen. To start a video call, however, presses the first icon on the handset and then on the Video button in the screen that opens.

If you want to block a contact or change notifications related to your messages, open the conversation that sees him protagonist, swipe from right to left and select the appropriate options that appear in the right sidebar. From the same menu you can also add new participants to the discussion and create a group chat.

Another way to create group chats is to select the Chat tab of Viber, press the “+” button located at the bottom right and select the item New group from the menu that appears.

To make calls to traditional telephone lines, you must use the Viber Out service that works via a rechargeable credit. To purchase credit for your account, press the hamburger icon located at the top left and select the item Viber Out from the menu that appears. Then presses the button Buy Credit and choose whether to top up your account of 99 cents, 4.99 euros or 9.99 euros.

Once you have purchased the credit, go to the Viber Calls tab , press the numeric keypad icon at the bottom right, dial the number to call and press the Viber Out Call button.


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