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Viber messenger mod apk always make calls with higher quality audio. The finest thing is that it offers free calls options with a text message. That is why it is known better than Skype. Whenever iPhone users install the application of Viber messenger mod apk, they will get an offer to message and call anywhere in the world through your internet connection. Moreover, it cherishes you to make an international phone call for free. Viber messenger mod apk is a smartphone application that allows you to keep in touch with your friends and family in a simple and free. Function in both 3G and WiFi and allows you to send text messages and make phone calls to your contacts using the internet in a manner similar to WhatsApp. In fact, the program interfaces to your phone book after the first access and notifies you all the contacts that are already using the app.

Viber messenger Mod Apk

What is Viber messenger mod apk and how it works? 

Viber is a service that allows you to talk for free, and to send messages, using the internet connection. It is available for all major mobile platforms, you download as a normal. On Viber, you do not need to register. The app interacts directly with your phone number and after it is installed a short identity check is required. You will receive a call or a secret code via SMS to activate the app and start using it. This procedure is very important as it serves to verify that you are the real owner of the telephone number and at the same time prevents some attackers from exploiting your caller ID without authorization.

In emergencies it also allows you to make VoIP calls to contacts who have not installed the program. This is possible thanks to Viber Out, a low-cost paid service, currently only available on Android and iOS but should soon be accessible to other mobile operating systems. This way you can also call landline numbers. The credit is not deducted directly from the SIM but you have to buy prepaid traffic directly on the official website, keeping in mind that calls between two phones that have installed the app are always free. In Italy, calls to mobile numbers cost about 8.5 cents per minute, towards fixed numbers about 2 cents per minute.



Viber messenger mod apk can also be installed on the desktop client in order to make calls and chats directly from the computer. You need to just connect to the site of the program and click on “download” by completing the procedure. Also, in this case, you will have to repeat the verification code procedure before accessing the service.

Once you have confirmed your identity and the phone number, you can select the “Viber only” tab you find in the left sidebar. This way you can view all contacts using Viber, on a smartphone or on a computer. Simply click on the name of the person you want to call and click on the handset icon, at the top right, and then on “free Viber call”. To start a video call, simply click on the “video call” icon.
To delete the application, finally, you will not have to do is click on the application and drag it to the trash.


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