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Viber cracked apk is an Android application that allows you to send messages and call in a completely free. So Download this cracked modded apk latest version from direct link. Find out how Viber works for iPhone , Android and Windows Phone. Since the Smartphone has been able to connect through Internet, one of the first wish of users is not to pay calls and messages.

Download Viber Cracked apk And How Does it work?

At this point, a question arises: how can I make free calls? As already mentioned the Viber service is free and uses the Internet connection to establish a telephone communication – but only to other users who use the same service through the VoIP system.

Do you know how Skype works? This is the same mechanism: keep your Internet connection active and the Viber application takes care of the rest, allowing you to call other registered customers for the same service without wasting even a penny in top-ups or subscriptions to the shift provider, paying only any data connection, or enjoying the service free when connected to a Wi-Fi network.

Viber Cracked Apk

What can you do with Viber cracked apk

Once you understand that the strong point is the free VoIP calls , it’s time to discover the interesting features that you can use after installing this application on your Smartphone.

In addition to making and receiving calls for free, Viber allows you to exchange text messages with other friends registered to the same service (just like WhatsApp), for a maximum of 7000 characters per message and with the ability to customize them with emoticons or various stickers.

You can also exchange voice messages, or create group chats for up to 200 people or participate in public chats. In addition, you can take advantage of high-definition video calls thanks to Viber, but only if you use the computer application (at least for now).

Viber cracked apk installation

If you’ve never used Viber, it’s time to find out how to get started right away. You will simply have to:

  1. Go to the digital store for applications on your operating system;
  2. Download and install Viber for free;
  3. Open the application and follow the easy wizard;
  4. Enter the mobile number on which you are using the app to receive the activation code;
  5. Enter the verification codethat you will receive via SMS, when requested by Viber;
  6. Finally start saving on phone calls and messages

Viber Cracked Apk


The Viber chat screen

From now on the Viber screen will seem simple and intuitive: at the top the name of the contact with whom you are having the conversation, followed by the button to make a free call and the icon for the settings.

From the latter, you can choose a custom background, set by default the sending of your position, add participants to the chat, block a contact or still hide or delete a conversation.

Returning to the conversation screen, below we find the classic string for entering text, anticipated by the icon of a teddy bear that will give you access to the sticker collection, and a “+” shaped button that opens on the menu for shoot or sends a photo, shoot a video or send a file, or exchange your position or send voice messages.

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