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Download Free Viber Messenger Mod Hack App For Android with the unlimited credit, stickers mod latest version. Today, we are going to talk about Viber, why it is necessary to think twice before installing Viber on your iPhone. You should probably use some application to exchange messages with your friends, but usually, some of these applications have some pretty good limitations and are not multiplatform.

But did you know that you can use the Viber messenger mod apk on your computer. Exactly, if you already use Viber on your Smartphone, know that you can also use the messenger on your computer too, very quickly and practically, and of course, with all the functions available. The program has versions for Mac, Windows and Linux, and to start, you need to download the

Viber unlimited credits apk

There is also paid content on Viber. The main one of them is Viber Out, a service of calls for telephones of people who do not use the application. Similar to Skype, the service allows you to purchase credits to make calls. In USA, calling from the cell phone, at Viber, to a landline phone costs R $ 0.07 / min and for a cell phone R $ 0.52 / min.

Viber has two major competitors: Skype, which is also offering voice and message chat, free and paid calls.

Viber premium apk is more comprehensive than WhatsApp, which in turn seems to be more popular among smartphone users in United states It was basically created a concept that Skype is for video, Viber is for audio and WhatsApp for text. However, the former does what the other two do, and the second does what the third offers. In this fight, the public gets a little segmented and the main thing is to know what you want and who of your contacts uses which application.

Viber unlimited credits apk

But what is it and how does Viber work?

Viber is an application for iPhone and Android that allows you to establish calls and send messages for free between users who have the application installed. Simply install, order the aggregation to the network, receive an SMS with a code and we have to work the application that connects us to an innovative system.

Viber does not need usernamepassword or  pin and all features are 100% free. The contacts available on the mobile device are also available on Viber, which makes it easy to contact other users.

Benefits of Viber cracked apk

  1. The Viber cracked apkis an efficient communications application which lets through the internet connection, calls with great audio quality for friends, family or co-workers who are also registered on Viber network.
  2. Functions: With Viberyou can make calls as if you were using your cell phone. In addition to this service, it works as an instant messaging application that lets you send text messages, animations and photos.
  3. Activities: The Viberidentifies your contact list those who also use the service. In addition, it allows the user to invite their friends via Sms, Email, Facebook or
  4. How to use: After making a registration, the Vibersystem will send SMS security code that must be informed once. The application then loads the contacts in your list that already use the service. By clicking on the contacts, the user can choose whether to call or send a text message.

Viber sticker mod allows you to keep an eye on the store emoticons and stickers to check out the special deals and free packages to leave their messages and offers the most fun in the prices of bonds and even promotions for free calls.

It is also possible to share stickers, which are presented in the form of thematic packages that can be downloaded from a large library. Most packages are free, while there are also some for payment.

Unlike other applications, Viber does not require you to add contacts to your contact list. After installing the application, you can automatically see which contacts on your phone are using the application.

Viber sticker mod

Viber sticker hack apk allows the opportunity to send video messages to our friends, who can see when they connect, the possibility of transferring calls from the mobile to the PC, adding texts to the photos we send and the possibility of using stickers in the form of emoticons, something that is also present in Facebook Messenger.

Viber messenger mod apk Benefits

  • Uses the contact schedule to identify those who also use the service .
  • It allows the execution of calls and the sending of free messages.
  • It brings dozens of fun and colorful emoticons.
  • Graphical interface is nice and easy to handle.

Viber brings extra features such as a series of open groups, where users can talk about themes such as movies and television, the ability to submit drawings and animations by the application itself and a virtual sticker store.

Registration And Download Viber Application

To start using Viber you need to register it. Open the application. On the home screen, set your country of origin in the first field. In the second field, enter your mobile phone number with a regional code. Touch “Continue”. A message will prompt you to confirm the number. Touch “Ok”. Then wait a few moments until Viber sends you an SMS with an activation password. Copy this number into the field pointed to by Viber and your application usage will be released.

Download Viber Application

How to make free landline calls by Viber

In recent days, Viber has released calls to landlines for free all over Brazil, which is still valid. And Viber users on the computer are not left out, here’s how to make a free call to a landline.

1st – With Viber open, select a contact from your address book that has a registered landline number;

2 – After, click the Viber Out button , just like the image. If the number is valid, the call will start immediately. During my tests, the phone took a while to start calling, but after being answered, the call was very good.

3 – If you want to manually enter the phone number, touch the Phone icon ( highlighted in the picture ) and enter the number. Then click the call button, and your call will start.

Here are Some Essential Features Why You Should Use Viber Messenger mod apk

  1. First, Viber is an app specially designed for mobile deviceswith which you can send text messages and make phone calls to any other user of the same, all for free and with international reach. It works with WiFi or 3G technology and more advanced, and thanks to the Viber Out function it also allows you to call any phone number, even if you are not an app user.
  2. Viber works with the vast majority of devices: Android, iPhone, BlackBerry and Windows Phone, to name the main ones. As if that were not enough Viber is also available for Mac and Windows.
  3. To use Viber it is only necessary to use your telephone number and that of the user receiving the messages or calls. You just have to download the application and then you will receive a message with an access code to confirm that you are the owner of the indicated number. So, Viber gives you a user ID and you can immediately start enjoying your benefits for free.
    If you want to use the Viber Out service, go to your account and buy credits through a secure method to call whoever you want and when you want.

The operation of Viber is really simple, in addition to not include annoying advertising banners as it happens in many other applications, the quality of their calls is high and their service is very efficient if you are looking for a different alternative to products such as WhatsApp or Skype.

It is possible to send multimedia files such as audio notes, photos , videos or also your current location. Among its advantages is the possibility of forming groups of up to 100 participants and their availability in 30 languages.

You can also enjoy another of its free news: it is called Viber Wink , an extension of Viber for communication between people with features very similar to the snap chat . Thus, among its main features is to be able to take images and short videos of up to 10 seconds in length to be able to share them with another person, so that it sees them for a few seconds and after which they will no longer be available again for reinstallation.

It is perfect for when you are traveling. Since you will not pay for those moments when you communicate with your friends, if you have a good data plan or are using WiFi, then you can keep in touch with your family and friends without any problem.Viber is a good option, as it is a good alternative to other applications, as well as having read some features that differentiate it from the rest.

5 Reasons That Make Viber A Great Alternative To Whatsapp

No one doubts that WhatsApp is the leading instant messaging application on the market; more than one thousand two hundred million users verify it. However, there are other apps that offer similar functionalities and in some cases, even better ones. Learn the reasons why you might consider switching to Viber, an IM application that poses serious competition to the WhatsApp domain.

Despite the fact that in such important markets as the United States and the UK, Viber has a modest presence, this application has more than 800 million users and is the closest competitor WhatsApp has. But this game is not over yet, as more people know the benefits of Viper, more people dare to try it and that is the first step to think about changing IM provider.

Like WhatsApp, Viber offers:

  • Free download
  • Encryption from end to end.
  • Work through 3G, 4G and Wi-Fi.
  • Available for Android, iOS and Windows.
  • Windows and Mac desktop applications.
  • Instant messaging.
  • Voice and video calls to other users.
  • Send photos, audio and video clips.
  • Private chat groups.
  • Compatibility with Google Now and Siri.

But in addition to these basic concepts, Viber offers other features that mark distance and in the opinion of many, greatly exceed what is offered by WhatsApp; Among those characteristics are:

1. VoIP calls

With WhatsApp you can make voice calls to any other user who uses WhatsApp, but up there; unlike, with Viber you can not only make calls to users with the same application, but you can make calls to landline and mobile numbers at a surprisingly low rate. Simply load your account with some credit and you can call anyone, even if they do not use Viber.

2. Desktop application

While WhatsApp has a desktop application for Mac and Windows, they only offer instant messaging features. If you want to make a voice call, you will have to use the smartphone. The Viber desktop applications, you have access to all the usual features of instant messaging, but also to voice and video calls; Viber also has a desktop application for the Linux platform.

3. Accounts and public chats

Viber is defined as the “most complete communication experience in the world.” It is likely that allowing public accounts is an important contribution to such a claim. These accounts are usually created by famous brands or people, so they can interact with the Viber audience. There are also other groups related to special interests, such as news, photography, politics and many more.

f you are having a chat that you wish to hide from prying eyes, Viber allows you to do it in a fairly easy way. All you have to do is click on the name of the person or group you are talking to enter the Chat Information menu and then the option Hide this chat . You will be asked to establish a PIN, which acts as a password, so only by entering the PIN can you access the chat. This is a quick and easy way to keep sensitive information private, and it is a feature that WhatsApp does not offer.

5. Games And Download freetone hack apk On Viber

It is a feature that many users praise; The possibility that Viber offers to play with another user is a particularity that has attracted many followers. Although not found within the application, the games created by Viber can connect to the account and challenge your contacts to a fun challenge. Among the options are: Candy Mania, World Poker Club, Defenders and Diamond Rush.

Viber Messenger Mod Hack Apk


Benefits of Viber apk hack

1- Everything with your number

Unlike applications that require an account and register friends or contacts, Viber uses the numbers in the user’s phone book and recognizes which one is also linked to Viber. When installing the app (visit each user validates their telephone number for use in online communications.

2- Text messages

Sending text messages between users is easy, because when using Viber telephone numbers to identify users, the process to send a message, which is also free, is the same as with traditional SMS. With Viber you can send group messages and add emoticons. You can even share photos and videos.

3- Communication history

Viber maintains a history of active and recent text communications, so that it is easy to participate in one or more conversations. In addition, it displays the icons of the photos of the participants and the most recent of the sent comments, so it is easy to follow several simultaneous conversations.

4- International calls

The most attractive feature of Viber is its free VoIP call service. To call any telephone in the world that has Viber installed, simply select the user’s telephone number and the call will be made via the Internet, from application to application, without additional long distance costs other than the telephone plan.

5- Contacts book

Viber integrates the numbers in the phone’s contact book and adds the functionality of VoIP (voice over internet) and text messages. Viber works over the cellular network or over WiFi, so even if you are outside your area of telephone coverage you can follow online with a WiFi link using your phone number via Viber.

The Viber team worked together with Microsoft to develop an application that follows the style lines of Windows 8 and tries to take advantage of some of its functions. In this way, Viber makes use of Live Tiles and notifications on the blocking screen, in addition to being able to anchor our conversations directly on the home screen.

Since Viber has brought practically all of its functionalities to its Windows 8 application. There, as it could not be otherwise, voice calls with HD quality; but also the group conversations, the messages with stickers included, the possibility of sending photos or videos or sharing our location, etc. For all this and more Viber is our application of the week, a mandatory installation if you are users of the service.

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